This is a 700 page medical history that shows all of what i have experienced in the first 35 years of my life dealing with real life health issues and more importantly pharmaceutical drug effects leading to polypharmacy and mental health challenges from the effects of the drugs prescribed that caused the Opioid Epidemic all over the world by marketing itself as a healthcare model.

it gives all the behaviour of what children who are on drugs can be like and why they are doing the crazy things today like killing and committing suicide that was never more common in history than it is now today along with all the mass shootings and violence in children and adults today, because the drugs they sometimes take can lead to extreme outrage behaviour and should not be ignored with the effects they have that become criminal to peoples health, because today the pharmaceutical drugs now are the third leading cause of death in the western world after heart disease and cancer or 4th if abortion is included which this industry also profits from, and health is now the biggest industry in the world where profit and maintaining sickness is much more important than curing anything and with Ageing populations all over the world this industry is only getting to be a bigger global mafia system than ever before and is now a absolute psychopathic industry by consumers and employees until they expose it and break it down to make it a health system for cures and making lives better rather than worse and causing more evil to sustain their own lives on the backs of others already suffering.

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Geopolitical Research

My experience in the real world so early led to a early global understanding to whats going on through globalizm and i find ways to expose what i knowsl for fact and can link it with similar trades and organizations around the world, specially with very big corporations taking over more power than governments in many countries through currency or changing their financial systems and regulate basic living. Corporations are the real creators of globalizm, creating poor standards of living on survival rather than comfortable standards to improve lives long-term. They are becoming the liability but the people need to call them all out for the crimes and stop supporting them.