Pharmaceutical Whisleblower

Pharmaceutical Whisleblower

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This is a 700 page of reports that shows all of what eddie experienced in 35 years of dealing with health issues and more importantly polypharmacy from pharmaceutical drug effects and mental health issues. it gives all the behaviour`s of what children who are on drugs can be like and why they are that way as the drugs they sometimes take can lead to extreme outrage behaviour and should not be ignored with the pharmaceutical drugs now the third leading cause of death in the western world and the second biggest industry in the world where profit and maintaining sickness is much more important than curing.

About Speaker

eddie speaks  around the world about  political models and corporate models that are in dire need to reform not gain more power. he speaks about the medical model to help bring it down which will force it to reform and explains how dangerous is really is and always has been due to its extreme marketing rather than working to heal and cure  he breaks down how the opioid crises was created and other models are already copying the same market now in other sections and unless people stop and question these systems they will become terror organizations not models that help people.

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