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About Eddie Powell

I am a skilled Artist/ Blogger/ Author/ Geopolitical Researcher, Entrepreneur, Global Traveler, and Survivor of the pharmaceutical corporate crimes against humanity whose drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the western world killing millions per year creating a cancer within its own industry where profit becomes more important than curing similar to how spiritual warfare developed within the catholic church and many hidden crimes were hidden for decades.

I am an example of how the heart survives, knows, and has its own direction of learning much faster through trauma rather than just going along with been programmed into corporate systems that do not work and fulfill everyone but only the few that invested in it and who want to run everything and this is why each country now has the 1 Percent pyramid.

At 15 Eddie had left school for defending himself from abuse he got from school for something he could not control and lack of support there was for people with disabilities, then he found ways to make money and traveled all over the country from it at first to see the country been independent so young, and then to other parts of Europe and then the world. if he fitted into the system early like most do none of those experiences would yet be fulfilled.

He also took most pharmaceutical drugs that were for epilepsy for the left Temporal lobe epilepsy he had till the age of 23 and felt he had to take them for life because of the faith, trust and jobs people had within the pharmaceutical industry which is very little to do with healthcare, and was told if he would not take them he may die, yet he experienced the absolute genocide from the effects of the drugs he was medicated with day and night to truly survive that was the biggest test of his life which all began at 2 years old so his experience is not conspiracy about big pharma its experience within their Eugenics problem that is far bigger now than it was the time he had came into the world and the fastest growing pandemic in the world now growing as fast as pollution.

At 23 he was cured straight after brain surgery, and had rebuilt his life again going to college and doing so many other things fitting back into the system and trying college, then at 28 after seen so much of the world and experienced so much of the reality most only enter at that stage of their life`s, he then had a massive awakening due to known his been in the real world since birth anyway not entering it now like most his age do. it was a virus that triggered a near death experience reaching self-realization of why his life was the way it was up till this time that had truly changed and transformed him forever impacting him to his fulfilled state of why he was and still is here today. specially with no criminal record after going through the most criminal organization on the planet that destroys and kills far more people than it helps due to its greed and for profit system which is a eugenics program because people ignored it and left it go so far and now the W.H.O. is under serious investigation on how its run and who runs it and i have the proof to show how deep it really has been way back since the early 80s.